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According to Gartner market research institute and Application Performance Management market (APM), current worth of Instana is 2.6 billion US dollars and and is currently showing a record growth rate of 15.8 % – which is a tremendous opportunity for a new solution, the performance illustrates an application intelligently, and with accurate troubleshooting tips.

And the best approach for such a solution is a machine intelligence that was developed specifically for this purpops.

Instana provides a performance monitoring solution for systems and applications, which is the challenge of modern application development that DevOps teams are suited to tackle. Unlike existing tools, which are limited to collecting data, we analyze the results, then help user to understand, and indicate actionable proposals to solve specific problems and to improve the code and system configuration. We have created Stan, your virtual IT Assistant. Stan is a born expert. He never stops learning, never forgets, working around the clock and never leaves your company. Stan is the favorite of all customers.

Each of the two Instana founders Mirko Novakovic (CEO) and Pete Abrams (COO) can demonstrate an outstanding track record of performance monitoring and essential expertise at the highest level. The development team has together more than 100 years of experience in the areas of performance, Big Data and Machine Learning and several doctoral degrees in high-performance computing and analytics.

This cumulative theoretical and practical knowledge creates the conditions that are essential for a new generation of monitoring functionality.

Instana Features at a glance:


Instant System Map

A virtual 3D representation of your entire application environment is updated every second. Depending on whether you want to get a detailed view or an overview, simply zoom in or out – 3D makes it possible.


Expert Knowledge

Monitor and forecast the health of your infrastructure and applications. The Instant System Map displays actionable proposals on how to automatically resolve problems.


Timeshift Investigation

Visualize the behavior of your application as well as changes in the state, context and interaction of the components over a period of time.


Adaptive Sensoring

Infrastructure and architectural elements, which are changing rapidly, are made with Adaptive Sensoring and independently identified. Both software components and their relationships are taken into account.

Stan, the virtual DevOps expert, as a member of your team, is on hand to ensure the quality of the systems and applications from the perspective of IT operations.


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