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Save, share and find your documents in the cloud.

CenterDevice is a German B2B Cloud solution to securely store, find and share documents. The automatic full text recognition allows lightning-fast search capabilities on the personal “business Search Engine” of CenterDevice. The data will be encrypted, encoded and saved in a German high-security data center.

CenterDevice GmbH was founded in May 2011 and is a joint venture of codecentric AG, Solingen and HW Partners AG and Bonn, that arose out of a desire to provide Germany with a safe cloud solution that can quickly and easily share documents, both internally and externally.

Unlike in the well-known American cloud systems, no folders are used in CenterDevice. Structures and directories are represented by so-called “Collections (thematic summaries of files) and Tags”. Filters and saved queries complement the data storage possibilities. Each document appears only once per application, but it can be in as many collections as there are. Sharing one document to all collections is possible.


CenterDevice is a collaboration platform.


Save, share and find your documents in the cloud.

A keyfeature of CenterDevice is quick (full text) search in all files. Since it is Based on Apache Tika and Tesseract, search index, indexed metadata and Elasticsearch as search solution, CenterDevice guarantees a scalable search through a large amounts of data.

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  • Easy file upload via drag and drop, transfer folder, email and apps (iOS, Android)
  • Share files easily by clicking within the application or externally with link to files and collections
  • Collaboration features such as comments and file versioning
  • Encrypted transmission and encrypted storage of all files exclusively in Germany
  • RESTful API and OpenAuth

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