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Implementing VFS without editing the kernel code

A virtual file system (VFS) or virtual filesystem switch is an abstraction layer on top of a more concrete file system. The purpose of a VFS is to allow client applications to access different types of concrete file systems in a uniform way. A VFS can, for example, be used to access local and network… More


Self-taught Senior Developer – or how to re-code your life

  There is a huge demand on programmers in Serbia. People are attending retraining courses that promise expertise and high earnings immediately after completing the programs. Actually, that is impossible if you are a complete beginner. Experience shows that formal education is not necessary for those who want to become Software Developers, but something else… More


Becoming an iOS Developer

  Milan Stevanovic is a Junior iOS Developer, he is working while finishing his studies and he is speaking to his colleagues from the faculty to help them get the idea of the real life programming. Since Milan knows what becoming an iOS Developer truly means and what the road of the Junior Developer looks… More


Donate USD 6 million Instana: codecentric invested in performance monitoring Startup

The venture capital investor Target Partners and codecentric invest six million US dollars in the German-American Performance Monitoring Startup Instana – this message found in recent days a lively echo in the regional, national and international media landscape. “Virtual DevOps expert fetches $ 6,000,000” titled a detailed report , including a corporate portrait over… More


Our colleague as a speaker at PM Conference, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Jovan Vidić CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP, PMP IT Consultant @codecentric Serbia speaking at PM Conference, Kharkiv, Ukraine Speaking topic: Redefining Projects For an Age of Complexity Workshop topic: Management 3.0 After more than ten years of being a part of the IT industry, Jovan can say that he has always loved his job and that it has… More