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Mastering skills and knowledge sharing make us Codecentric people.

Knowledge sharing contributes to the software quality and pulls the entire branch forward. It is always nice feeling when you know that you have a positive influence on one’s development, and also the opportunity to test your knowledge by presenting it to the others.

We are organizing internal and external knowledge sharing sessions with our colleagues, partners, clients and IT community. We are learning on Internal workshops and trainings, share experiances on “Lessons learned” and “Junior talks” interactive meetings, and share our knowledge via community events, Meetups and conferences.


The codecentric is gladly in the middle of community affairs – not only as a participant but also as organizer and host of various user groups, meetups, hackathons and round tables.

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Our Sessions and Workshops

To be the best is the motivation and driving force behind each of our employees. This expert knowledge is passed on also at national and international conferences. Get an overview at which events we are represented as speakers. We would be pleased to welcome you personally at a conference.

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XP 2017 in Cologne

The XP the “International Conference on Agile Software Development”, is touring for 16 years in Europe and comes to Germany in 2017. The codecentric AG has the honor to be hosting as a local organizer XP 2017 in Cologne.

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The conference will take place from 22 to 26 May 2017 Pullman Hotel in Cologne. Everybody who has anything to do with creating software. As in previous years, the XP Cologne itself is divided into an academic and a practical range. We are pleased that the codecentric colleagues Nils Wloka and Marc Clemens were appointed as General Chair of the conference.

The website for XP Cologne is . If you wish to be informed promptly of news related to the conference, sign up to our conference newsletter.

The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery

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No ivory towers, just the expert knowledge that will push your personal improvement, because you can apply it immediately – we promise you the latest trainings and workshops from the codecentric program. On request we can do it at your place!

Open source

We are actively engaged in Open Source Software, because this is the basis of many successful business models and breakthrough innovations.