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Find a work – life balance

We have a flat organizational structure, flexible working hours, education time and budget for each employee, 27 vacation days and feelgood management. Also, hardware is your choice.

Continuous Improvement, Knowledge Sharing, and Self-Organization shape our culture.

We believe in excellence and quality and that means continuous improvement. We encourage our team members to continously work on themselves and improve knowledge and skills. That is why our clients can be sure that their software will be developed at the highest standards and the latest technology.

World wide conferences and various courses and workshops are the part of our regular personal development plan. Self Education time 4+1 concept and individual education budget enables us traveling to the conferences and attending first class courses and workshops. Conferences are a great way to catch industry insights, opportunity to talk with experts, refresh your mind and get an inspiration and new ideas. So our colleagues just love the possibility to choose where and when to go.

In codecentric, we work as a team in which we can learn from each other. This is part of our success! Together we transform our knowledge into high-quality solutions and services that satisfy our customers.

We know why we are here.

Good reasons to work at codecentric

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    New technologies

    codecentric attaches great importance to new technologies and innovations. Therefore, we have to constantly improve ourselves, so we could develop new solutions for the IT problems.

    The best prove of codecentric’s commitment to innovation are two launched startups: CenterDevice and Instana. Also, we are working on many different projects and everybody has the opportunity to work on something new. That  gives us the opportunity to work with various technologies, to learn from experienced colleagues or to support the team with our own knowledge.


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    Flat organizational structure

    Flat organizational structure refers to self-managed organizations and means that we have no vertical hierarchy.  In codecentric you will find no job titles and seniority and everyone is seen as equal. We organize ourselves within of our teams and divide tasks and responsibilities between ourselves.

    Each of us needs to consider what kind of company he wants to work for and than to make some efforts to contribute and make codecentric that kind of company. We invite employees to make suggestions  how to improve communication, our work and approach to solving problems. By open friendly communication we wish to share ideas and experiences among colleagues and to support eachother. Relations are informal and we wish to keep them that way.

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    Education time and budget

    Development of the company implies employees development. Primarily this means their individual skills improvement and education.

    In codecentric that means that each employee has provided budget and guarantee that part of their working time can be dedicated to education. We organize group workshops and individual trainings, courses and certifications. Educational budget includes and covers all traveling  costs to the international conferences worldwide.

    We are responsible for our own growth and this concept gaves us a lot of freedom to choose what suits us the best.

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    Flexible working hours

    Our employees are required to complete their tasks and to respect their 8 hours long working day , but they can get to work when it suits them from 7-10 am or in some other time according to agreement with the other team members.

    Self management, self organization and taking responsibility are part of our culture. We trust our employees.


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    Hardware is your choice

    You choose hardvare by your personal preferences.


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    Feelgood management

    Talking about positive relaxing atmosphere we  mean much more then just warm interior. By creating trustfull and open communication we are enabling more fruitfull working enviorenment which leads us to better understanding and empathy. Posibbility to see our colleagues problems help us built stronger relationships among team.

    Purpose of Feelgood management is to make developers days easier and provide support. Everyone can always ask for a help and initiate talk regarding any concerns, we are all need to feel good at the place where we spent the most of the days.

    For better atmosphere we organize team buildings and unformal geatherings.

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    Community Engagement

    Conferences, Meetups, User groups: codecentric is much more than the sum of our co-workers and projects. They engage themselves with passion in the community, where they feel at home, even nationwide. We encourage our employees to connect with like-minded persons, to develop themselves independently and to pass on their knowledge – it can be in the form of a lectures, workshops,hackathons or publications. Our employees have the opportunity to write a professional article on our codecentric blog and to participate in our professional literature. Community Outreach has a big place in our company,  because our moto is divided innovation happiness is double innovation happiness.


35 of 350 people

employees as parts of the whole

We are not just a team from Serbia, we are a part of a bigger codecentric story. Team in Novi Sad counts 35 members who are learning from each other and grow together. Usually we are working in mixed teams with our colleagues from Germany on a daily basis, that is why we always say that we are proud to be in a team of 350 people. In codecentric it doesn’t matter where you are, you are the part of the same team.

Our employees

14 locations

in 4 European countries

codecentric people enjoy the advantage of having colleagues from different countries. This gives us the opportunity to meet other cultures in a new manner. It is much easier to handle a client from Germany if you work with Germans…Besides working together we visit each others, travel to the conferences and organize sessions and workshops to learn and exchange knowledge and experiences. codecentric is currently operating on 14 locations in 4 European countries: Germany, Netherlands, BiH and Serbia.

Our locations

Growing team

people that love what thay do

Our team is constantly growing and we welcome candidates who are passionate about their job. For us in codecentric that means that you will enjoy, be enthusiastic and have fun. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are laughing all day, but surely does mean that you are confident and satisfied when you see that you did your job well and that your clients are happy.

If you know what are we talking about, please note that we are always hiring.

Open positions

  • Nikola Lajic

    “Self organisation, opportunities for self improvement, challenging projects and great colleagues make every day at codecentric fulfilling.”

    IT Consultant

  • Aron Sreder

    “I like working at codecentric because good ideas, initiative and desire for knowledge are highly supported and encouraged. It is a great pleasure to work in great teams together with the best people!”

    IT Consultant

  • Nikola Kovacevic

    “codecentric gives me opportunity to work with bright and creative people, in challenging environment, where learning and constant personal improvement is both welcomed and encouraged. In codecentric, I have access to both latest hardware and software. All that enables me to be as productive and creative as you could possible be.”

    IT Consultant

  • Igor Stojanovic

    “The flexible working time in codecentric allows me to go to the gym before work. That way I’m healthy, productive and energized during the day. Brainstorming with colleagues in codecentric produces tons of ideas and suggestions from very clever people and makes the working atmosphere vibrant.”

    IT Consultant

  • Milan Stevanović

    “I love my job at codecentric Serbia because the company cares about us and help us to grow, learn new skill sets, heavily invests in us and our education and appreciates us and we can see that each and every day. The flexibility I have enables me to balance my work and home life, and allows me to stay motivated while creating beautiful and high quality iOS apps.”

    IT Consultant


Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass
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    CC 2016
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    Novi Sad

On-board services include:

  • Education Time and Budget (4+1)
  • Traveling to Conferences
  • Hardware is Your Choice
  • Real Team-Spirit
  • Agility and Flexibility
  • Flat Hierarchy
  • Goodies & Feelgood
  • 27 Days Vacation
codecentric Kununu
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The team.

We are a great team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Here in Novi Sad you will find 35 of 350 codecentric people, who are colleagues and friends.

Our Team

Job openings

If you feel appealed to our corporate culture and now want to be a part of codecentric, we are looking forward to receive your application!

As a constantly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, motivated people who are willing to accept challenges and are able to assume responsibility. If you cannot find the right vacancy for you, we also welcome unsolicited applications.

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